Skip to content is a link to activate epic games on Twitch, Nintendo, Sony Playstation, Xbox, and many other devices. Epic provides access to many free as well as paid games. The AAA titles are the main focus of the epic games. Players interested in Fortnite have the advantage that Fortnite is free on epic games. If you are interested in playing the purchased or free games from the epic games store on your gaming consoles, then you are in the perfect place. Here we have the process to get the epic games to account with activation of the account on various gaming consoles. Now, let’s start.

How to create an account on epic games?

Epic games activate

You will need a pc to create an account on epic games. Follow the steps given below to create an account on epic games.

  • Open the web browser on your pc.
  • Then go to
  • You will get the sign-in button in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the sign-in button, and the sign-in screen will appear.
  • Scroll down to navigate to the sign-up button present at last.
  • Then click on it.
  • Select the method that you are going to use to sign up.
  • You can choose the sign-up through epic games, google, steam, Facebook, and Xbox platforms.
  • By selecting the method to sign up, enter the details for the respective account.
  • It will ask you for the details to sign in to the individual account.
  • In this way, your epic games account is created.

Now you can purchase the games, get them for free, and avail of various benefits to purchasing the games

Now you have the epic games account. You can avail yourself of the free Fortnite game immediately by visiting it. Let’s claim the game and then activate the same game on various platforms so that you will get a rough idea of using the link for activating epic games on any device.

Epicgames com activate

How to activate epic games on the Xbox device?

Epic games

Suppose you have an Xbox gaming console at your home and want to play the game purchased on the epic games store. Then you can follow the steps given below;

  • Turn on the box one gaming console.
  • Then go to the Microsoft application store and download the game you want to play on the Xbox.
  • Here the game must be available on the Microsoft store.
  • Or else you can also install the game through any other platform.
  • Then open the game.
  • Suppose you download and install the Fortnite game.
  • Then open the game, and the activation code of 8 digits will appear.
  • This code is essential for you to activate the game.
  • Come on your pc screen or mobile screen.
  • Here you will need to go to the link, i.e.,
  • Open the link in the web browser.
  • Then enter the eight-digit activation code at the desired places.
  • Click on the continue button to take you to the login screen.
  • Then enter the login details by choosing the method to log in.
  • Enter the credentials or select the account from the saved accounts on your browser.
  • In this way, the game will activate on the box gaming console.

Activate epic games on the sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation has their latest devices, i.e., PS4 and PS5, in the market. They don’t provide many games with sony PlayStations, so you need to purchase the games using solid platforms such as epic games and then activate that particular game using the activation link. So if you have a ps at your home and willing to have the game activated on it, then use the steps given below;

  • Go to the sony PlayStation and then turn it on.
  • Now come to the windows pc web browser.
  • Here search for
  • Now using the epic games login button, login to your epic games account.
  • Now click on the menu bar located on the left side.
  • Here go to the connect devices button.
  • Now select the device as PlayStation and click on the link button below.
  • Then it will redirect you to the sony PlayStation login screen.
  • Here you will need to enter the login details of the Sony PlayStation.
  • Enter those details and then click on the sign-in button.
  • This way, you can link the epic games account to your PlayStation.
  • Now this will allow you to play every game present on the epic games on your sony PlayStation.
  • Download any game on the sony PlayStation, and you will get the activation button.
  • Here go to using the web browser.
  • Now enter the activation code and then click on the continue button.
  • By clicking on the login button and entering the details, you can activate any game on sony PlayStation.
  • So this is all about activating any game on epic games.

Activate Fortnite on Nintendo switch devices using the epic games activate process

Follow the process below to start playing the Fortnite game on your Nintendo switch device. The steps are as follows;

  • Turn on the Nintendo switch device and then download the Fortnite game.
  • Then open the game, and you will get the link and account button.
  • Click on this button.
  • Now it will show you the eight-digit activation code.
  • The code is unique to your device.
  • So wait on the activation code screen and then go to the web browser of your pc or mobile phone.
  • Then click on the search tab and search for
  • Here the activation page will open up.
  • Enter the activation code into the desired fields.
  • Then click on the continue button.
  • On the next page, you will get the login screen.
  • Enter the login details and then click on the sign-in button.
  • After this, your epic games account will link to the Nintendo switch device.
  • Now onwards, you can play the Fortnite game on the Nintendo switch device and also will be able to save the changes.

So this is all about using to activate various epic games on multiple devices.